Abu Amaan Pal

Abu Amaan Pal Artist Abu Amaan Pal is a recent graduate in Animation Design. He characterises himself as “an illustrator, animator, painter, sculptor, astrophile and an occasional writer with really big dreams to fulfill!” Insta: abuamaan97 In Comixense: The Mudmen of Asaro (Vol 3 Issue 2 | July-September 2023)


Sarat T. Rao

Sarat T. Rao Writer Sarat T. Rao is a musician who loves writing speculative fiction. After studying economics, statistics and mathematics for five years, he ended up doing research for a film on Srinivasa Ramanujan. Then he worked at a bank for some time but continued writing. Story-telling merged with film, and he made a […]


Pankaj Saikia

Pankaj Saikia Writer and artist Pankaj Saikia is an illustrator-cum-storyteller hailing from Guwahati, Assam. He loves to tell stories that are deeply rooted in his region and cultural landscape. He mostly works in the mediums of picture books, comics and animation films. Insta: saikiapankaj1990 In Comixense: A River Runs Through It (Vol 2 Issue 4 […]


Sanjoyana B. Choudhury

Sanjoyana B. Choudhury Writer and artist Sanjoyana is a communication designer from Guwahati who enjoys sharing her stories and ideas by sketching them out. Inspired by reading comics before going to bed in her childhood to practice the art herself, she has worked as a designer for NGOs and local brands, as a design educator […]


Rupleena Bose

Rupleena Bose Writer Rupleena Bose teaches Eng Lit at a college for a living. After hours, she writes fiction and films. She also writes on cinema, music and culture for magazines and newspapers. Insta: papercheesecake In Comixense: Sitara Devi (Vol 1 Issue 4 | January-March 2022)


Sanid Asif Ali

Sanid Asif Ali Writer Sanid is a comic writer-illustrator from Kochi. He runs an independent comic publishing house Studio Niyet with his wife Rameeza Parveen. He has acted as the co-editor of the anthology comic Hope On, a collection of real-life stories of women who find hope in tough circumstances, and has created comic books […]


Harsho Mohan Chattoraj

Harsho Mohan Chattoraj Artist Harsho Mohan Chattoraj is a graphic novelist and illustrator based in Kolkata. He has worked in the comics medium since 2000, and has done artwork for publishers and commercial clients in India, Switzerland, UK and the US. His recently published works are ‘Pagla Sahib’s Grave’, ‘Destiny Awakes’ and ‘Chotushkon’. Insta: harsho_chattoraj […]


Pakhi Sen

Pakhi Sen Artist Pakhi is a visual artist and illustrator. Interested in languages of intimacy, personal histories and transmigration, she has conducted her enquiry through illustrations and multimedia works. She has exhibited at Goa Open Arts Festival, India Art Fair with GallerySKE, the Indo-Pak initiative The Pind Collective, and is working on a film on […]


Rohit Karandadi

Rohit Karandadi Writer and artist Rohit Karandadi is an artist who dabbles in the mediums of animation, film-making and sequential art. He is intrigued by the workings of society and deeply interested in the intersections of philosophy and psychology. As a visual designer, he has worked to create communications for The Red Cross International, SEWA […]


Rini Joseph

Rini Joseph Writer Rini is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with paintings, ceramics, poetry and embroidery. She is an anti-caste feminist currently working under a visual arts grant provided by Mavelinadu Collective. She enjoys birding, rock pooling and people-watching by the beach in her free time. She finds inspiration in getting lost in nature and […]