Vol 2 Issue 3 Oct-Dec 2022

Volume 2 Issue 3

In this issue, the stories reflect facets of serendipity in which the coming together of random chance and human agency can lead to outcomes that are funny, adventurous, mysterious—or just ordinary. The fantasy Homebound is a tale of strange interspecies friendships that flourish after an unexpected manmade disaster. Mother We Will Eat The Satphool is a delightful story where the cancellation of a school play ignites the imaginations of the child actors determined to act out their scenes in real life. Kolynos Thankaraj is an angry forest guard who on his retirement day finds himself caught up in an inexplicable sequence of events. Mynatai Lonkar is set in the time of Mumbai’s textile mill strike that brought misfortune to some and opportunity to others. The Discovery of J. Baret is the true story of a woman whose chance encounters led to her becoming a botanist and the first woman to circumnavigate the world.