Abu Amaan Pal

Abu Amaan Pal Artist Abu Amaan Pal is a recent graduate in Animation Design. He characterises himself as “an illustrator, animator, painter, sculptor, astrophile and an occasional writer with really big dreams to fulfill!” Insta: abuamaan97 In Comixense: The Mudmen of Asaro (Vol 3 Issue 2 | July-September 2023)


Abhijeet Kini

Abhijeet Kini Artist Abhijeet Kini, founder of Abhijeet Kini Studios, is a Mumbai-based illustrator, animator and independent comics publisher, known for his comic series Angry Maushi, Rhyme Fighters, and Fanboys. Winner of the Best Illustrator Awards Bronze (2018 and 2019) at the Comic Con India awards and Animationxpress CBAM awards (2021), Abhijeet has been a […]