Comixense and its team have, since the first issue came out, been widely covered in print and online media.

The Hindu
April 8, 2023
“Into the Comicverse” by Avantika Shankar

News Trail
August 28, 2022
"Forgotten tales of music…" by NT Correspondent

February 1, 2022
"6 graphic novels… to watch out for" by Avantika Shankar

India Today
November 26, 2021
“…great mind candy for young minds” by Rajesh Devraj

The Hindu
October 15, 2021
“Everything Makes Comixense” by Menaka Raman

Vol 72 Issue 4, June 2021
“Comics in a Brave New World” by Francesca Cotta

Deccan Herald
July 4, 2021
“Melding Gravitas with Graphics” by Arati Das

Mint Lounge
July 4, 2021
“Orijit Sen: 'I try to confront the idea of fear'” by Avantika Bhuyan

National Herald
June 6, 2021
“Comixense Review- Intelligence, imagination and empathy” by Samir Nazareth

Mid-day Mumbai
May 15, 2021
“Return to print” by Shunashir Sen

Indian Express
May 15, 2021
“‘I take responsibility for what I create’” by Benita Fernando

May 13, 2021
“With Comixense, a new magazine aims to introduce young Indians to the magic of graphic storytelling” by Vivek Menezes

Navhind Times
May 7, 2021
“Enlightening minds with comics” by Ramandeep Kaur

April 29, 2021
“A Comic Balm for Troubled Times” by Ajit John