April 19, 2022
Presence at the Pustakamchem Fest
The ‘Pustakamchem Fest’ book festival was held on April 19, 2022 in the Goan village of Saligao. The event witnessed the participation of well-known local and international authors, bookstores, and other institutions. We put up a table there with issues of Comixense magazine for browsing and sale.


June 20, 2021
Interaction with students from the department of English, Chowgule College
Comixense editors Orijit Sen and Francesca Cotta, along with Rai and Mohd Salman, the artist and writer duo whose comic City of Astronomers is published in Issue 1 of the magazine, joined students from the Department of English at Chowgule College in Margao, Goa, for a lively interactive session. The students asked such thoughtful and interesting questions, that two hours sailed by, with us feeling that there was still more to chat about with them!

They made this lovely gratitude post for us after the event:


May 30, 2021
Nabanna Earth Weekend 2021
Online session on “Street Smart: Popular Culture Today”
As part of the Nabanna Earth Weekend 2021, a festival of arts and ideas organised annually at Santiniketan (though this year’s edition was held online), our chief editor, Orijit Sen, was invited to attend a panel discussion on popular culture in India. He spoke about his journey as a comics maker and about Comixense magazine. He was joined by filmmaker Supriyo Sen and Nabarun Bose, who spoke about their film Tangra Blues, which is on Bangla street rap. The discussion was moderated by Sudev Pratim Basu.
To watch the entire session, click on the link below.



Video promo for Issue 2.2
Our Associate Editor Cordelia Francis put her Canva skills to use in creating this video promo for Volume 2 Issue 2 of the magazine, which was then posted across our social media channels.

Issue 1 trailer videos
Pratya (@pratya_kas) and Joby (@thejobay) are students at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Bangalore). They spent May and June 2021 doing an apprenticeship with our chief editor, Orijit Sen (@orijitzen). During their time working with him, they each made a trailer for Comixense’s inaugural issue, featuring animations of the art in the stories.

Pratya’s video:

Joby’s video: