Cx People

As with any venture, it’s a variety of people of different skills and roles that put Comixense together.

The Editorial and Design Team plans each issue, coordinates with artists and writers to execute them, and designs the pages that make up the magazine. It also works on putting together the material for this Website.

The publishing team at Ektara Trust funds the magazine, oversees the printing and publication of the issues, takes care of distribution and sales, and runs the online sales site for Comixense and their other publications.

An ever-growing pool of talented Contributors writes and illustrates the stories that make up each issue.

If you are interested in contributing to Comixense, whether as a writer, as an artist, or as a comics creator who does both, please email a basic profile of yourself, and some relevant samples of work.

For matters related to sales and subscriptions, please email

If you would like to get in touch otherwise, please use the Contact Us form on this site.