Vol 1 Issue 4 January-March 2022

Volume 1 Issue 4

In the January-March 2022 issue of Comixense, a young comics creator unpacks her relationship with ideals of beauty in The Tyranny of Beauty, a yesteryears film star finds liberation in becoming invisible to the public eye in Sitara Devi, a queer man learns to accept tattooing as a beautiful art form in Tattoo, a small-town boy’s lifelong fascination with the grandeur and splendour of the Taj Mahal leads to a strange encounter with some relics of the past in Finding Mumtaz, a dog in the French countryside accidentally stumbles across a cave of many wonders in The Cave Painters, two robots in the far future come across a perplexing artefact in The Beholder’s Eye, and a murder mystery in Imperial Rome unfolds around a rare and coveted colour in Died in the Wool.