Kavita Singh Kale

Kavita Singh Kale Artist An alumna of NID Ahmedabad & College of Art Delhi University, Kavita Singh Kale has 15 years of industry experience in broadcast design, children’s content creation, animation filmmaking and transmedia art practice. She has illustrated for a wide range of clients in publishing for both adults and children. Kavita is the […]


Jay Kshirsagar

Jay Kshirsagar Writer Jay Kshirsagar has often thought of his life as an experiment. A series of what-ifs that tends to lead him to ways of living that are improvised and that break any patterns of orthodoxy that are bound to build up over time. In art, he is able to focus on himself or […]


Ishanou Rana

Ishanou Rana Artist Ishanou Rana, more famously known as Godot, is an Indian artist with a nomadic eye. From paint to ink to digital art, his wide array of styles and methods are nevertheless easily recognisable and show a practised skill and playful exploration. Making pictures since he could hold a pencil, he deftly draws […]


Indrajit Hazra

Indrajit Hazra Writer Indrajit Hazra is a writer and journalist. He is the author of the novels The Burnt Head of Max Saul (2000), The Garden of Earthly Delights (2003) and The Bioscope Man (2008). He is also the author of Grand Delusions: A Short Biography of Kolkata (2013), and has contributed to anthologies including […]


Harsho Mohan Chattoraj

Harsho Mohan Chattoraj Artist Harsho Mohan Chattoraj is a graphic novelist and illustrator based in Kolkata. He has worked in the comics medium since 2000, and has done artwork for publishers and commercial clients in India, Switzerland, UK and the US. His recently published works are ‘Pagla Sahib’s Grave’, ‘Destiny Awakes’ and ‘Chotushkon’. Insta: harsho_chattoraj […]


Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar

Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar Writer Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar is a doctor and Sahitya award-winning writer based in Jharkhand. His published books include The Mysterious Ailment of Rupi Baskey, The Adivasi Will Not Dance, My Father’s Garden and Jwala Kumar and the Gift of Fire: Adventures in Champakbagh. He won the 2015 Yuva Puraskar for his debut […]