The Romance of the Railways

  #1-8     #9-16     #17-24     #25-33     Answers   Answers to the quiz questions asked along with the map information 1. Fearless Nadia 2. Chenab 3. Jawaharlal Nehru 5. ‘When Eight Bells Toll’ by Alistair Maclean 11. Kollam and Kharagpur 13. Gurkhas 14. Deen Dayal Upadhayaya 18. Médecins Sans Frontières, or Doctors Without […]

The Romance of the Railways

The Romance of the Railways Art by Rai The railways in India have a lot of superlatives attached to them – oldest, highest, longest, most beautiful. Travelling by rail is an experience packed with incident (admittedly, not always pleasant). It will always hold a certain charm, in the face of all change, not least because […]


Allen Shaw

Allen Shaw Artist Allen is an Indian artist, illustrator, animator and storyteller based in Berlin. He is passionate about travelling and recording his journey in sketchbooks and has been doing this consistently for the last 25 years. A graduate in animation film design from NID, Ahmedabad, he is currently focussed on illustrating books for children. […]



  Vol 2 Issue 1 | April-June 2022 Suffernama Story and art by Suhail Naqshbandi   Kashmir: a brief history Over the centuries, Kashmir has been ruled by several dynasties and kings – from Ashoka of the Mauryan Empire to the Mughals to Ahmad Shah Durrani of the Durrani Empire and later, Ranjit Singh of […]

Vol 2 Issue 1 April-June 2022

Volume 2 Issue 1 In this issue, read about an arduous passage two brothers are forced to take through the mountains of Kashmir to Gilgit in Suffernama; a forest ranger’s quest to rescue a group of teenagers lost deep in the woods of Russia (or is it Ukraine?) in Into the Woods; a young Polish […]


Into the Woods

  Vol 2 Issue 1 | April-June 2022 Into the Woods Story by C.G. Salamander | Art by Rajiv Eipe   Russian Forest Rangers Russian forest rangers like Anya are tasked with protecting forests, national parks, and local parklands. Living a basic life often in the remotest, coldest parts of the country, they are constantly […]


Take Me Home

  Vol 2 Issue 1 | April-June 2022 Take Me Home Story by Tina Thomas | Art by Priya Kuriyan   TAKE ME HOME explores the meaning and feeling of home beyond the physical space you occupy in this world. Home is where the heart is – but what if you need another person’s permission […]