Vol 2 Issue 4 Jan-Mar 2023

Volume 2 Issue 4 This issue contains seven stories emerging from diverse flowing streams. Dreams of the Sky is the true-life story of a remarkable aviatrix, Bessie Coleman, who soared above racism and gender discrimination to achieve her dream. Red is an illustrated poem that touches, tenderly, upon the difficult topic of menstruation. The Daughters […]


Dreams of the Sky

Vol 2 No 4 | Jan-Mar 2023 Dreams of the Sky Story by Mohammad Salman | Art by Harsho Mohan Chattoraj   “Every No takes me closer to a Yes” Bessie Coleman’s words resonate with determination and perseverance no matter what work she did. When her family moved to Chicago, necessity forced her to work […]


Sanjoyana B. Choudhury

Sanjoyana B. Choudhury Writer and artist Sanjoyana is a communication designer from Guwahati who enjoys sharing her stories and ideas by sketching them out. Inspired by reading comics before going to bed in her childhood to practice the art herself, she has worked as a designer for NGOs and local brands, as a design educator […]


Samidha Gunjal

Samidha Gunjal Artist Samidha Gunjal is a comic artist from Ahmednagar, India who loves to draw and use wordless comics to express herself. Her work is inspired by the feminine form, nature, and everyday small-town life. She is a published children book illustrator and self-taught linocut artist. Insta: gdhamisa In Comixense: Red (Vol 2 Issue […]



Vol 2 No 4 | Jan-Mar 2023 Red Story by Pragya Bhagat | Art by Samidha Gunjal   The Menstrual Cycle Menstruation, also referred to as a ‘period’, is normal vaginal bleeding that occurs as part of the female reproductive cycle. The bleeding occurs as the uterus sheds its lining, which is called the endometrium. […]


Forest Bathing

Vol 2 No 4 | Jan-Mar 2023 Forest Bathing Story and art by Kavita Singh Kale   What is Forest Bathing? The shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) practice emerged in Japan in the 1980s as an ecotherapy aimed at inspiring people to reconnect with the forest. Forest bathing simply means spending time in nature with a keen […]


The Ferryman

Vol 2 No 4 | Jan-Mar 2023 The Ferryman Story by Nathaniel da Costa | Art by Rajiv Eipe   ‘The Ferryman’ draws its inspiration from characters and cultural traditions based on Greek, Aztec and Christian lore. The idea of a person being the conduit between life, death and the afterlife is explored in multiple […]



Vol 2 No 4 | Jan-Mar 2023 Suli Story and art by Sanjoyana B. Choudhury   A woman’s hair holds cultural significance all over the world. In India especially, a woman’s hair is very strongly linked to her beauty, womanhood, and honour. In films, television, ads, or magazines, Indian women are generally represented with long, […]