Vol 3 Issue 2 July-Sept 2023

Volume 3 Issue 2 This issue explores variations on the idea of performance. In The Poet and The Prisoner, a researcher and a single-cell organism team up to free a prisoner from an AI-controlled city. Along Came a Spider takes a peek at the courting rituals of the tiny peacock spider. In the story Behind […]


The Poet and the Prisoner

Vol 3 No 2 | Jul-Sep 2023 The Poet and the Prisoner Story by Cordelia B. Francis | Art by Pia Alize Hazarika   About AI AI (artificial intelligence) is the imitation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Many of us are already familiar with ChatGPT. This is a large language model […]


Along Came A Spider

Vol 3 No 2 | Jul-Sep 2023 Along Came A Spider Story and art Samidha Gunjal Creatures in the natural world use a wide variety of ‘performance’ techniques to find mates and procreate. In this story, the artist Samidha visualises the antics of the tiny peacock spider in this quest, with a touch of affectionate […]


Behind the Scenes

Vol 3 No 2 | Jul-Sep 2023 Behind the Scenes Story and art Anupam Arunachalam   Leonardo da Vinci’s theatre days Leonardo da Vinci was renowned as an artist, polymath, inventor and scientist. But there is one often overlooked title: theatre producer. In 1490s, Leonardo was hired to stage plays by the Duke of Milan. […]


Anybody Can Dance

Vol 3 No 2 | Jul-Sep 2023 Any Body Can Dance Story by Annie Sen Gupta and Sangeetha Nair | Art by Priya Kuriyan   This story in Comixense grew out of an anecdote narrated by Sangeetha Nair — Songs to her friends — about an experience of hers to the magazine’s Consulting Editor, Aniruddha […]


Death Zone

Vol 3 No 2 | Jul-Sep 2023 Death Zone Story and art by Rohit Karandadi and Suprya Tirkey   Project Possible This story in Comixense was inspired by real-life incidents surrounding ‘Project Possible’ planned by Nepalese mountaineer Nirmal Purja (known widely as Nimsdai). ‘Project Possible’ was an undertaking by Nimsdai towards setting a world record […]


The Mudmen of Asaro

Vol 3 No 2 | Jul-Sep 2023 The Mudmen of Asaro Story by Venita Coelho | Art by Harsho Mohan Chattoraj and Abu Amaan Pal This story grew out of an idea pitched by artist Abu Amaan Pal, based on a little-known real-life story. Veteran writer Venita Coelho converted that into a rollicking tale full […]


Abu Amaan Pal

Abu Amaan Pal Artist Abu Amaan Pal is a recent graduate in Animation Design. He characterises himself as “an illustrator, animator, painter, sculptor, astrophile and an occasional writer with really big dreams to fulfill!” Insta: abuamaan97 In Comixense: The Mudmen of Asaro (Vol 3 Issue 2 | July-September 2023)


Sarat T. Rao

Sarat T. Rao Writer Sarat T. Rao is a musician who loves writing speculative fiction. After studying economics, statistics and mathematics for five years, he ended up doing research for a film on Srinivasa Ramanujan. Then he worked at a bank for some time but continued writing. Story-telling merged with film, and he made a […]


Pankaj Saikia

Pankaj Saikia Writer and artist Pankaj Saikia is an illustrator-cum-storyteller hailing from Guwahati, Assam. He loves to tell stories that are deeply rooted in his region and cultural landscape. He mostly works in the mediums of picture books, comics and animation films. Insta: saikiapankaj1990 In Comixense: A River Runs Through It (Vol 2 Issue 4 […]