Vol 2 Issue 2 July-Sept 2022

Volume 2 Issue 2

In this issue, we attempt to capture the many worlds that music conjures and inhabits. In Bone Music, a craving for groovy beats sparks innovation and quiet rebellion, engendering its own act of protest. Here I Like the Sounds delights in the sheer delight of hearing. Jaane Wale Sipahi is a powerful account of how a well-timed song quelled the nerves of a crowd on the cusp of violence. Lockdown Fugue shows us how for brief moments—outside the realities of pandemics and privilege—music can be a common denominator between people, creating room for a little joy in everyone’s hearts. In New Wave, the subliminal powers of music brew a cosmic revolution (sadly, this one’s a fictional account). And finally, in The Legend of Tau Moe, we encounter the improbable but true story of a family that introduced the Hawaiian slide guitar to India and the world.