Comixense is a comics quarterly aimed primarily at teenagers between 12 and 17 years old, launched in April 2021. The magazine touches upon all aspects of life that young people in India encounter today – presented in a manner that credits their intelligence, imagination, and empathy.

Each issue of the magazine will contain a bunch of stories related to a broad theme. The current issue investigates the mystery and magic of music through the stories listed below.


Vol 2 Issue 2 July-Sept 2022

Volume 2 Issue 2

In this issue, we attempt to capture the many worlds that music conjures and inhabits. In Bone Music, a craving for groovy beats sparks innovation and quiet rebellion, engendering its own act of protest. Here I Like the Sounds delights in the sheer delight of hearing. Jaane Wale Sipahi is a powerful account of how a well-timed song quelled the nerves of a crowd on the cusp of violence. Lockdown Fugue shows us how for brief moments—outside the realities of pandemics and privilege—music can be a common denominator between people, creating room for a little joy in everyone’s hearts. In New Wave, the subliminal powers of music brew a cosmic revolution (sadly, this one’s a fictional account). And finally, in The Legend of Tau Moe, we encounter the improbable but true story of a family that introduced the Hawaiian slide guitar to India and the world.



Volume 2 Issue 1 April-June 2022

Volume 1 Issue 4 January-March 2022

Volume 1 Issue 2 July-September 2021

Volume 1 Issue 2 July-September 2021

Volume 1 Issue 1 April-June 2021


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