Comixense is a comics quarterly aimed primarily at teenagers between 12 and 17 years old, launched in April 2021. The magazine touches upon all aspects of life that young people in India encounter today – presented in a manner that credits their intelligence, imagination, and empathy.

Each issue of the magazine will contain a bunch of stories related to a broad theme. The current issue explores various facets of colour, through the stories listed below.


Vol 3 Issue 4 Jan-Mar 2024

Volume 3 Issue 4

This issue titled ‘Living Colour’ offers various interpretations of the visible spectrum. Skin Deep is a sensitive story of a young girl coming to terms with the colour of her skin. Emerald Apsara is a wordless comic about the adventures of Professor P.R Mazoomder. The spy story Kamma Chameleon is about a chameleon on a secret mission. The inter-generational concepts of hair dyeing are brought to life in the comic True Colours. The final diptych comic explores two aspects of indigo in history. The Invisible Colour is a humourous take on how Newton might have defined the colours of the spectrum as we know them, while Indigo Nation focusses on Gandhiji’s first Satyagraha, deployed amongst the indigo farmers of Champaran in Bihar.



Volume 2 Issue 2 Jul-Sept 2022

Volume 2 Issue 1 April-June 2022

Volume 1 Issue 4 January-March 2022

Volume 1 Issue 2 July-September 2021

Volume 1 Issue 2 July-September 2021

Volume 1 Issue 1 April-June 2021


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