Comixense is a comics quarterly aimed primarily at teenagers between 12 and 17 years old, launched in April 2021. The magazine touches upon all aspects of life that young people in India encounter today – presented in a manner that credits their intelligence, imagination, and empathy.

Each issue of the magazine will contain a bunch of stories related to a broad theme. The current issue explores humans’ relationship with nature through the six stories listed below.


Volume 1 Issue 2 July-September 2021Volume 1 Issue 2

The Adivasi will not Dance, an adaptation of an award-winning short story, fleshes out how a conflict of interest between the Santhal way of life and the government-corporate idea of development and progress stems from starkly different ways of interacting with the natural world. Playing with Bats is about an ordinary day in the life of the Ouamouno family, who live in a small village in the middle of the jungle in southern Guinea. Things suddenly take an unexpected turn. The Irritability of Plants is an introduction to the legacy of J.C. Bose, a great Indian polymath whose discoveries on plants and other natural phenomena were way ahead of his time. In ‘Making It’ Isn’t Easy, an ordinary student learns from extraordinary beings hidden in plain sight. Under the Snake’s Belly is a prose piece that comes to terms with the true origins of the giant, concrete architecture that dominate our cities. Finally, in Roots, we travel to a tiny island in Tamil Nadu where a young boy reconnects with his roots, paving the way for a new way of life in the process of doing so.




Volume 1 Issue 1 April-June 2021Volume 1 Issue 1

The Plague Doctor’s Apprentice harks back to 17th-century Italy to comment on our 21st-century pandemic. Love for Dummies toys with the notion of what happens when AI-powered dummies have thoughts about art and love. The inhabitants of the City of Astronomers ponder the universe. We contrast two hospital implements – one much-lauded and one often overlooked – in The Razor and the Scalpel. And finally, The Captain takes you into the innards of a fishing boat in Kerala and the inner life of its skipper.

Quizzes and games

Runs in the FamilyRuns in the Family

Issues of Comixense will carry quizzes and games based on the theme for each issue. In the current issue, the back cover features a quiz about flora and fauna shown on the front cover. Answers to the quiz, and more information about some of the plants and animals, are given on this page.

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