Anuskha Jain

Anuskha Jain Writer Anushka works as the Associate Counsel (Surveillance & Transparency) at the Internet Freedom Foundation, an Indian digital liberties organisation. Her work focuses on issues of privacy and surveillance surrounding disruptive technologies like facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, as well as the need to ensure transparency and accountability from the government […]


Anushka Ravishankar

Anushka Ravishankar Writer Anushka Ravishankar has written many books for children. She likes cats and comics and has very little common sense. Her latest book, Ogd, is about someone who was born with her foot in her mouth and has a bad hairdo. She swears it is not autobiographical. Insta: anushkaravishankar In Comixense: Finding Mumtaz […]


Anupam Arunachalam

Anupam Arunachalam Writer and Artist is a Delhi-based writer, illustrator and comic book artist. His work has been published by Penguin Random House, Hachette, Tinkle, Pratham Books, Forbes Life, Mint and Campfire Graphic Novels, among others. He is currently working on the Young Pandavas series of illustrated children’s books, published by Hachette India. Insta: anupamarunachalam […]


Annie Sen Gupta

Annie Sen Gupta Writer Aniruddha “Annie” Sen Gupta has worked as a journalist, writer, editor, and designer. He has had books published by Scholastic and Sage Publications, as well as a number of short works of fiction and non-fiction in anthologies by Penguin, HarperCollins, etc. His journalistic writing has appeared in magazines such as Down […]


Annada Menon

Annada Menon Artist Annada Menon is a published illustrator based in Pune. She has illustrated for Penguin Random house and Pratham Books. Her contribution to editorials include magazines such as Current Conservation and Cosmopolitan India. Whimsical with a hint of fantasy or surrealism is her most loved approach to illustration. Versatility is a common practice […]


Anjora Noronha

Anjora Noronha Artist Anjora Noronha is passionate about storytelling, comics and character design. She has worked on a range of projects in collaboration with NGOs, educators, environmentalists, storytellers, writers and entrepreneurs. She enjoys the process of working with others to help them turn their ideas into images, stories and books. Insta: In Comixense: Lockdown […]