Rupleena Bose

Rupleena Bose Writer Rupleena Bose teaches Eng Lit at a college for a living. After hours, she writes fiction and films. She also writes on cinema, music and culture for magazines and newspapers. Insta: papercheesecake In Comixense: Sitara Devi (Vol 1 Issue 4 | January-March 2022)


Rohit Karandadi

Rohit Karandadi Writer and artist Rohit Karandadi is an artist who dabbles in the mediums of animation, film-making and sequential art. He is intrigued by the workings of society and deeply interested in the intersections of philosophy and psychology. As a visual designer, he has worked to create communications for The Red Cross International, SEWA […]


Rini Joseph

Rini Joseph Writer Rini is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with paintings, ceramics, poetry and embroidery. She is an anti-caste feminist currently working under a visual arts grant provided by Mavelinadu Collective. She enjoys birding, rock pooling and people-watching by the beach in her free time. She finds inspiration in getting lost in nature and […]


Rajiv Eipe

Rajiv Eipe Artist Rajiv Eipe lives in Bengaluru and works on animation and illustration projects. He likes to doodle in a sketchbook, drink more coffee than is good for him, maintain an untidy workspace and gaze vacantly into space at short intervals. Insta: rajiveipe In Comixense: The Ferryman (Vol 2 Issue 4 | January-March 2023), […]



Rai Artist is an artist currently based in Goa. Her works observe spaces as passages and engage with negotiations in them – through drawings, books, games and fantasy making. Insta: raixic In Comixense: The Romance of the Railways (Vol 2 Issue | April-June 2022), The Pegasus Affair (Vol 1 Issue 3 | October-December 2021) and […]


Priyanka Purty

Priyanka Purty Artist Priyanka Purty is an architect and UX/UI designer currently based in Chaibasa, Jharkhand. She has dabbled with photography, filmmaking and has previously worked in the Art direction/Set design department for films and music festivals. Her post-graduation project, Honortan Rimil (Wandering Cloud), a Ho-language short film, won the Best Film by a Woman […]