Haasini Casukhela

Haasini Casukhela Artist Haasini Casukhela loves storytelling and occasionally captures her experiences with people and food in illustrations and designs. She can often be found escaping into a fantastical realm of dragon quests, useless facts, fluffy clouds, bean bags, and delectable chocolate cake. Insta: somewhere_yellow In Comixense: Here I Like the Sounds (Vol 2 Issue […]


Francesca Cotta

Francesca Cotta Writer Francesca is a creative writer, editor, qualitative researcher and activist from Goa. She has created content for organisations and movements in the field of responsible travel, sustainable lifestyle, alternative education and environmental justice, among others. In 2020, she was a Sahapedia EXPLORE Fellow. She also worked at Soup Magazine as an editorial […]


Falah Faisal

Falah Faisal Writer Falah Faisal is a retired stand-up comic and an aspiring filmmaker. Comics are where both those worlds combine perfectly. He’s the creator of Musalman (India’s only Muslim superhero) and Falahdeen (a modern stoner take on the classic Alladin story). Insta: gonzogram66 In Comixense: Jaane Wale Sipahi (Vol 2 Issue 2 | July-September […]


Cordelia B. Francis

Cordelia B. Francis Writer Cordelia B. Francis is a journalist, short fiction writer and editor. She has previously worked with Femina and the Times of India, and has contributed articles to several national and international publications. Her short stories have been featured in the Joao Roque Literary Journal and in anthologies Shell Windows and The […]


Charbak Dipta

Charbak Dipta Artist Charbak Dipta is an award-winning indie illustrator, cartoonist and graphic novelist. An Oxford alumnus, he has been working internationally as a graphic artist since 2013. He pioneered exhibiting Indian pop art internationally, especially in the west. Starting with the Times of India, his works have been featured in various national and overseas […]


CG Salamander

CG Salamander Writer CG Salamander is a writer, comic journalist, and editor who lives in Chennai, India. He enjoys writing horror and likes manga, Terry Pratchett, and cows. Salamander is currently working on a mythical travelogue scheduled to be released by Hachette India later this year. His first graphic novel ‘Maithili and the Minotaur: Web […]