Jay Kshirsagar

Jay Kshirsagar


Jay Kshirsagar has often thought of his life as an experiment. A series of what-ifs that tends to lead him to ways of living that are improvised and that break any patterns of orthodoxy that are bound to build up over time. In art, he is able to focus on himself or the lack thereof, and is able to find peace. And acceptance. And a deep and vast sense of an expanded, non-judgmental consciousness.

In art, he is able to hold himself and the entire world in love. He likes to make music, poetry, films and has recently fallen in love with speculative fiction and the possibilities therein to dislodge us from traditional narratives. He aspires to empower himself and others around him through liberation from the inertia of history and hopes that he can make art that has an effect of momentary, if not long lasting disillusionment, peace and compassion.

Insta: weightlessweight

In Comixense: New Wave (Vol 2 Issue 2 | July-September 2022)