Vol 2 Issue 4 Jan-Mar 2023

Volume 2 Issue 4 This issue contains seven stories emerging from diverse flowing streams. Dreams of the Sky is the true-life story of a remarkable aviatrix, Bessie Coleman, who soared above racism and gender discrimination to achieve her dream. Red is an illustrated poem that touches, tenderly, upon the difficult topic of menstruation. The Daughters […]

Vol 2 No 3 | Oct-Dec 2022

Volume 2 Issue 3 In this issue, the stories reflect facets of serendipity in which the coming together of random chance and human agency can lead to outcomes that are funny, adventurous, mysterious—or just ordinary. The fantasy Homebound is a tale of strange interspecies friendships that flourish after an unexpected manmade disaster. Mother We Will […]


Volume 2 Issue 2 In this issue, we attempt to capture the many worlds that music conjures and inhabits. In Bone Music, a craving for groovy beats sparks innovation and quiet rebellion, engendering its own act of protest. Here I Like the Sounds delights in the sheer delight of hearing. Jaane Wale Sipahi is a […]

Vol 2 Issue 1 April-June 2022

Volume 2 Issue 1 In this issue, read about an arduous passage two brothers are forced to take through the mountains of Kashmir to Gilgit in Suffernama; a forest ranger’s quest to rescue a group of teenagers lost deep in the woods of Russia (or is it Ukraine?) in Into the Woods; a young Polish […]

Quiz: Spy gadgets

Volume 1 Issue 3 | October-December 2021 Quiz: Spy gadgets   James Bond has his marvellous gadgets that may be too good to be true, but real-life spies and agencies have also used mindboggling tools to carry out their espionage activities. This article took a peek at these, and featured quiz questions related to some […]

Challenge: Code-breaking

Volume 1 Issue 3 | October-December 2021 Challenge: Code-breaking   Fatima, Amay, Mani and Piyali – who refer to themselves as the Fundoo 4 – enjoy doing exciting things during their holidays. In this challenge, Piyali has set the others a series of coded messages, which you have to decipher. Here are the solutions. The […]

Ektara Trust

Comixense is envisioned by Takshila, published by Ektara Trust and created by People Tree Studio led by Orijit Sen. Ektara Trust is an endeavour of Takshila Educational Society in the domains of literature, its associated art, and publishing. Its core focus is children’s literature and art in India. Towards this, the Trust runs Ektara – […]

Cx People

Cx People As with any venture, it’s a variety of people of different skills and roles that put Comixense together. The Editorial and Design Team plans each issue, coordinates with artists and writers to execute them, and designs the pages that make up the magazine. It also works on putting together the material for this […]

Social media

Events   April 19, 2022 Presence at the Pustakamchem Fest The ‘Pustakamchem Fest’ book festival was held on April 19, 2022 in the Goan village of Saligao. The event witnessed the participation of well-known local and international authors, bookstores, and other institutions. We put up a table there with issues of Comixense magazine for browsing […]