Skin Deep

Vol 3 No 4 | Jan-Mar 2024 Skin Deep Story by Sheela Jaywant | Art by Triparna Maiti   The biology of skin colour There have over time been many different theories as to why different people have different skin colour. Current scientific thought has it that it is due to a process of evolution […]


Emerald Apsara

Vol 3 No 4 | Jan-Mar 2024 Emerald Apsara Story and art by Orijit Sen   This is a wordless fantasy comic, set in a haveli in Rajasthan, that has as its protagonist Professor P.R. Mazoomder, a Bengali inventor in a monkey cap whom the artist Orijit Sen has used in cameo or side roles […]


Kamma Chameleon

Vol 3 No 4 | Jan-Mar 2024 Kamma Chameleon Story by Varud Gupta | Art by Keya Lall   Camouflage in the natural world Chameleons are renowned for their ability to change colours to blend in with their environment. This remarkable natural ability is due to specialised cells called chromatophores which rest beneath their outer […]


True Colours

Vol 3 No 4 | Jan-Mar 2024 True Colours Story by Soham Dey | Art by Haasini Casukhela   A brief history of dye Although hair colouring, especially bright hair colour, may seem like a modern trend popular amongst young people, the tradition of artificially colouring hair stretches back to ancient times. The practice was […]


The Invisible Colour

Vol 3 No 4 | Jan-Mar 2024 The Invisible Colour Story and art by Anupam Arunachalam   Isaac Newton and the science of colours Sir Isaac Newton was a polymath with a scientific output so prolific, a glance at his achievements is more sizeable than the work of many others put together. His work on […]


Indigo Nation

Vol 3 No 4 | Jan-Mar 2024 Indigo Nation Story by Mohd Salman | Art by Anupam Arunachalam   Indigo: A pigment of the oppressive imagination Marco Polo reported the cultivation of indigo in India as far back as the 1300s. Under British colonial rule, indigo became another of the many resources used to generate […]