Bone Music

  Vol 2 Issue 2 | July-Sept 2022 Bone Music Story and art by Anupam Arunachalam   Cultural repression in the USSR Because much of our view of the Communist USSR comes from western sources, largely American, there’s a lot of US propaganda that obscures the real picture of Cold War Soviet Russia. But in […]


Jaane Wale Sipahi

Vol 2 Issue 2 | July-Sept 2022 Jaane Wale Sipahi Story by Falah Faisal | Art by Mad Paule   This story was based on an episode described in the Safdar Hashmi biography ‘Halla Bol!’ by Sudhanva Deshpande.   Safdar: a man of many talents Safdar Hashmi wore several hats – he was an actor, […]


Lockdown Fugue

Vol 2 Issue 2 | July-Sept 2022 Lockdown Fugue Story by Nandita Basu | Art by Anjora Noronha   The story of ‘Lockdown Fugue’ is set during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, when a strict, nationwide lockdown brought a nation of 1.38 billion people to a standstill. In a bid to contain the […]


New Wave

Vol 2 Issue 2 | July-Sept 2022 New Wave Story by Jay Kshirsagar | Art by Annada Menon   This story is a fantastical imagining that involves cats, music, superstrings and the rejuvenation of our damaged earth. The harmony of spheres A single note contains infinite harmony in the form of overtones. Each note naturally […]