Vol 2 Issue 2 | July-Sept 2022

Here I Like The Sounds

Poem by Salil Chaturvedi | Art by Haasini Casukhela


Poet Salil Chaturvedi says about this poem of his: “The idea is to introduce the sound-gathering paraphernalia of the ear and how the outside world of sounds is interpreted through the ear, and the deep affect on us.”


Deep Listening

Pauline Oliveros was an American composer and music teacher who pioneered the concept of Deep Listening in the 1970s. She even had a band that specialised in performing and recording in resonant or reverberant spaces such as caves, cathedrals and huge underground cisterns!

Speaking about Deep Listening, Pauline says, “For me Deep Listening is a life-long practice. The more I listen, the more I learn to listen. Deep Listening involves going below the surface of what is heard, expanding to the whole field of sound while finding focus. This is the way to connect with the acoustic environment, all that inhabits it, all that there is.”

You can find out more at the website of the Center for Deep Listening: