Vol 2 Issue 1 | April-June 2022 Suffernama Story and art by Suhail Naqshbandi   Kashmir: a brief history Over the centuries, Kashmir has been ruled by several dynasties and kings – from Ashoka of the Mauryan Empire to the Mughals to Ahmad Shah Durrani of the Durrani Empire and later, Ranjit Singh of […]


Into the Woods

  Vol 2 Issue 1 | April-June 2022 Into the Woods Story by C.G. Salamander | Art by Rajiv Eipe   Russian Forest Rangers Russian forest rangers like Anya are tasked with protecting forests, national parks, and local parklands. Living a basic life often in the remotest, coldest parts of the country, they are constantly […]


Take Me Home

  Vol 2 Issue 1 | April-June 2022 Take Me Home Story by Tina Thomas | Art by Priya Kuriyan   TAKE ME HOME explores the meaning and feeling of home beyond the physical space you occupy in this world. Home is where the heart is – but what if you need another person’s permission […]


Padharo Mhare Des

  Vol 2 Issue 1 | April-June 2022 Padharo Mhare Des Story by Mohd Salman | Art by Lokesh Khodke   Every year, the village of Khichan near Jodhpur in Rajasthan hosts flocks of ‘kurjaa’, grey-and-black demoiselle cranes (named thus by Marie Antoinette) flying in from the vastness of Eurasia, seeking solace in the temperate […]