Volume 3 Issue 1 | April-June 2023

Game: What’s Wrong with this Picture?

Art by Orijit Sen and Avik Kumar Maitra

Not everything in the image below is a true reflection of life as we know it. See if you can spot the 36 things that are out of place.

When you’re done trying, scroll down for answers.






1. Elephant in the room
2. Staircase leading nowhere – with youngsters walking down looking at their phones
3. Typo on bar advertisement
4. Coconut tree with apples growing on it
5. Bricks placed vertically
6. Bathroom in a balcony
7. Spider-Man using a ladder to climb a building
8. 24×7 Chemist is closed
9. Street hawker selling square oranges
10. Leaking liquid flowing up the stairs
11. Cat chasing dog
12. Zebra crossing looks like a piano keyboard
13. Boss opening car door for driver
14. Traffic cop practising yoga while directing traffic
15. Typo on the back of the truck
16. Diesel locomotive running on street
17. Exploiters agitating for their rights
18. Traffic lights in wrong sequence
19. Zebra crossing on pavement
20. Delight Fakery selling men’s shirts instead of bakery products
21. Spoof ad with the slogan ‘Just Undo It’
22. Girl walking with pet fox
23. Two-wheeled cycle rickshaw
24. Ambassador car with a Mercedes hood ornament
25. Man wearing Argentina football shirt with Pele’s name
26. Fish-eating cow
27. Santa with black beard
28. ‘Pathaan’ poster starring Akshay Kumar
29. Arnold Schwarzenegger in and as ‘The Refrigerator’
30. Soft drinks dispenser labelled ‘Joke’
31. Man reading upside down newspaper
32. Food truck from the side is an ambulance from the front
33. Hen roosting in eagle’s nest
34. ‘Cafe Toffee Day’
35. Man leaving animal footprints
36. Rain on boy and girl under an umbrella