Sarat T. Rao

Sarat T. Rao Writer Sarat T. Rao is a musician who loves writing speculative fiction. After studying economics, statistics and mathematics for five years, he ended up doing research for a film on Srinivasa Ramanujan. Then he worked at a bank for some time but continued writing. Story-telling merged with film, and he made a […]


Sanjoyana B. Choudhury

Sanjoyana B. Choudhury Writer and artist Sanjoyana is a communication designer from Guwahati who enjoys sharing her stories and ideas by sketching them out. Inspired by reading comics before going to bed in her childhood to practice the art herself, she has worked as a designer for NGOs and local brands, as a design educator […]


Sanid Asif Ali

Sanid Asif Ali Writer Sanid is a comic writer-illustrator from Kochi. He runs an independent comic publishing house Studio Niyet with his wife Rameeza Parveen. He has acted as the co-editor of the anthology comic Hope On, a collection of real-life stories of women who find hope in tough circumstances, and has created comic books […]


Sangeetha Nair

Sangeetha Nair Writer Sangeetha Nair – Songs to her friends – loves to play pranks on her friends. In her spare time, she finds joy watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory followed by Schitt’s Creek. She has been navigating life exploring cities and sights across India as a solo traveller and counts among her […]


Samidha Gunjal

Samidha Gunjal Writer and artist Samidha Gunjal is a comic artist from Ahmednagar, India who loves to draw and use wordless comics to express herself. Her work is inspired by the feminine form, nature, and everyday small-town life. She is a published children book illustrator and self-taught linocut artist. Insta: gdhamisa In Comixense: Along Came […]


Salil Chaturvedi

Salil Chaturvedi Writer Salil Chaturvedi’s fiction, poetry and photographic works have appeared in various literary magazines and journals. His books for children have appeared on Storyweaver, the digital platform of Pratham Books. He has published three collections of poetry, and a collection of short stories is forthcoming. He has displayed works in collaboration with artists […]