Neha Alice Kerketta

Neha Alice Kerketta Artist Neha Alice Kerketta is an Immersive Media Designer currently working as PhD research scholar at IIT Guwahati. She earned her Master’s in Animation Film Design from IDC, IIT Bombay and Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from NIFT, New Delhi. She worked with Indian as well as international fashion brands as fashion […]


Mohammad Salman

Mohammad Salman Writer is a development communications professional and speculative fiction writer from Lucknow. His work has appeared in the Gollancz Book of South Asian Science Fiction, Kitaab and other anthologies. Salman counts Terry Pratchett and Isaac Asimov among his inspirations, dreaming of creating a legendarium of his own one day. He has a Bachelor’s […]


Mad Paule

Mad Paule Artist Paule is an artist based in New Delhi. He primarily works with mediums such as photography, illustrations and videos. The recurring themes of his works are intimacy, nostalgia and stages of deterioration. He has exhibited at Arles Photography festival (France), Carnem festival (Italy), Photo Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Blank Space (Norway), Fertellendewis (Netherlands) […]


Lokesh Khodke

Lokesh Khodke Artist Lokesh Khodke is an independent artist, illustrator and a comics maker based in New Delhi, India. He has worked for several children’s books as an illustrator with publishers such as Eklavya Publications (Bhopal), Mango Books (Kottayam), Muskaan Publications (Bhopal). His comics are published by Comix India (Pune), BlueJackal (Delhi), Muskaan (Bhopal), Sliced […]


Kruttika Susarla

Kruttika Susarla Artist Kruttika is an illustrator and graphic designer from Andhra Pradesh. She has worked with political magazines, creative agencies, and advocacy groups in the global south. She is currently making comics and pursuing her MFA in Illustration & Visual Culture at Washington University in St. Louis. Insta: kruttika In Comixense: Hum Dekhenge (Vol […]


Indrajit Hazra

Indrajit Hazra Writer Indrajit Hazra is a writer and journalist. He is the author of the novels The Burnt Head of Max Saul (2000), The Garden of Earthly Delights (2003) and The Bioscope Man (2008). He is also the author of Grand Delusions: A Short Biography of Kolkata (2013), and has contributed to anthologies including […]