Vol 3 No 1 | Apr-Jun 2023

My Fake Boyfriend

Story by Rini Joseph | Art by Samidha Gunjal

Many of us face writer Rini’s dilemma when we are growing up. We are keen to live life on our own terms, following the norms that seem appropriate to us. But over time, this brings us in conflict with our parents, our teachers, sometimes even our friends. Do we tackle these conflicts head-on, or sidestep them and tell “brown little lies” to live in peace? It’s a tough call, and there is no one answer. The path one takes will differ from person to person and situation to situation.

Artist Samidha evocatively visualises this dilemma as a wrap we weave around ourselves, which sometimes unravels and sometimes forms a cosy comforting cocoon.

This article suggests that the act of lying (or making up stuff) is quite universal among young people, and usually not a cause for concern:

But it’s not just children. Adults do it too. Here’s an interesting exploration of the why and how: