Vol 3 No 3 | Oct-Dec 2023

What I Learnt about Myself on ChatGPT

Story and art by Vishwajyoti Ghosh


An intro to ChatGPT

In 2023, if one tech thing has enamoured keyboard-punching, screen-staring humans, it is ChatGPT, a large-language model trained by OpenAI. It has been seen by many as the ultimate source to answering all queries, as the power bank for ideas and the final quick-fix for everything that can now be done in a jiffy. It is seen as the non-human interface that thinks faster than the human brain.

No doubt, this is truly phenomenal. It can write your school essay on the Indian Parliament in the style of a faux JK Rowling or do a presentation on metamorphic rocks as if badly written by Rabindranath Tagore. However, bear in mind, it will not be able to answer who won the javelin gold in World Athletic Championships 2023. ChatGPT, you see, so far been trained on the data collated until 2021 and thus can, and often does, falter on information. As a matter of fact, ChatGPT has been known to make up information by drawing guesses from the knowledge algorithms that drive this language learning model.

The new buzz is not what the ChatGPT model can answer, but what prompts or questions we should ask. And this has also turned into a business. There are online courses on ‘How to frame the right prompts’ or ‘How can you earn millions on ChatGPT with the right prompts’. One can even buy Prompt Bundles online.

But the larger question facing us is not ‘how to use the right question’ but rather how to use it rightly, without outsourcing our thinking faculties as humans. One can say in the times we live in, this is both a boon and a curse, depending on how we want to use it.

(This has not been written on ChatGPT!)





The dangers of chatbots?

Chatbots are not new. You’ve probably heard of, or even use, Siri and Alexa, digital assistants that are capable of understanding what you are looking for and giving it to you. But there’s a downside you need to be aware of.




Funny Prompts
Who says ChatGPT does not have a sense of humour? Here are some jokes to tickle your funny bone: