Varud Gupta


Varud is the award-winning author of the graphic novel Chhotu: A Tale of Love and Partition (Comic Con India “Best Writer”) and the travelogue Bhagwaan Ke Pakwaan: Food of the Gods (Gourmand for “Peace”). His writing also frequently appears in National Geographic Traveller and Mint Lounge. He began his career as a writer after quitting a short-lived stint as a management consultant to travel and eat his way across the globe. When not writing, he enjoys travelling, experimenting in the kitchen, collecting Instant Noodles, or playing Dungeons & Dragons. He received his bachelors in Finance from New York University.

Insta: varudgupta

In Comixense: Kamma Chameleon (Vol 3 Issue 4 | Jan-Mar 2024), The Travelling Thread (Vol 2 Issue 1 | April-June 2022), On the House (Vol 1 Issue 3 | October-December 2021).